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Wireless Fax and Scanning

Not this device !! It can be used in your car, truck, ship or mobile horse.

Keeping in mind that not all organizations run a 24x7 shop BIZPOWER iNTEGRΛTiON offers a solution to allow your mission critical transactions to be processed in a timely fashion.

Whether it is a time card, fuel receipt, commercial invoice, bill of lading, purchase order, emanifest, etc. this device will deliver the paperwork in your hands in a timely fashion.

BIZPOWER iNTEGRΛTiON can offer a portable solution for your fax problems were monthly fees are as affordable as a cell phone.

If you would like to learn more about this device and what it can offer in terms of fax savings while on the road, please call BIZPOWER iNTEGRΛTiON or email.

Email: info@bizpower.ca

Call now: 905 773 6723

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