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Why Spend Time and Money?

If you are reading this you are looking for an e-solution for your company. BIZPOWER iNTEGRΛTiON will save you the time and cost of:

brokers, drivers, dispatch and

government agencies

BIZPOWER iNTEGRΛTiON helps business integrate and communicate together by allowing you to remain focused on your day to day operations.

For more information on BizPower Integration’s industry knowledge and what they can do for you check out our products or contact us at:

Email: info@bizpower.ca

Have questions about:

Pre-Arrival Review System/Release Notification System


ACI Highway e-manifest

Advance Commercial Information

Container Tracking

Fleet and Asset/Trailer Tracking

E-Seal (SmartSeal) and GPS technology

Wireless Fax and Scanning

In-Cab Fax Services

ACE e-manifest

Automated Commercial Environment

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