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Susan LeBlanc

Partner Program Director


Susan LeBlanc most recently held the position of Account Manager with CrimsonLogic (North America) Inc.  She has over 15 years of experience working and providing e-solutions.

Susan was instrumental in getting the first carrier in the transportation industry to successfully cross the border using an Advance Commercial Information e-manifest submission to Canada Border Services Agency.

Her involvement over the years in electronic data applications within a variety of industries makes her aware of the importance in understanding your business processes and relationships.   

More recently she has been focusing within cross border solutions for the transportation industry.  She has been involved in and continues to provide assistance for a number of industry working groups in the development and design of CBSA’s  ACI (Advance Commercial Information) program, house bill design and ATD (Advance Trade Data).  

Her involvement in industry working groups and associations has provided her the opportunity to speak as a technical representative and expert in e-commerce for:

She holds a Computer Programming and Systems Analyst degree and a Bachelor in Business Administration.  She started her working career as a Systems Engineer with EDS (Electronic Data Systems) and later moved to AT&T where she held multiple positions with the e-Commerce and Internet Divisions.  Her experience and knowledge in helping business integrate and communicate together has involved a variety of communication technologies over the years. (Telex, Fax, Email, EDI/VAN, Telco, Internet and Wireless solutions)

She is available to help carriers and trade partners in this ever changing and challenging world of technology and regulations.

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