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Established to take the difficulties out of understanding and implementing data integration requirements within the trade community.

Our vision is “To provide you with the knowledge and solutions in order to improve your data communications through your business processes and partners while maintaining profitability.”

BIZPOWER iNTEGRΛTiON has over 15 years experience in the B2B and EDI industry.  More recently the focus has been on cross border solutions for the carrier market.  BizPower Integration has extensive knowledge regarding ACE and the ACI highway requirements and can combine a variety of services that will fit into your daily operations.  

BizPower Integration will not limit ourselves to available “standard” market solutions as we understand that in order to meet regulatory requirements other applications, programs and trade partners need to be considered and integrated.

BizPower Integration has available a number of industry contacts to ultimately come up with the solution that meets your organizational and partner needs and requirements.  

For more information about services or knowledge available through BizPower Integration, please contact:

Email: info@bizpower.ca

Call now: 905 773 6723