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BIZPOWER iNTEGRΛTiON helps bridge the gap between technology, data, business processes and regulations in the transportation industry.

BIZPOWER specializes in wireless and electronic data solutions. Our goal is to take the complexity and cost out of compliancy while suggesting business solutions that will allow you to communicate with your partners and facilitate trade.

BIZPOWER iNTEGRΛTiON is not here to sell you on one product or service provider. We tailor your solution based on customer/partner requirements, budget, and business needs allowing you to focus on your day to day operations.

To learn more about what BIZPOWER iNTEGRΛTiON can do for you or receive a proposal or price quotation for our services, please contact:

Email: info@bizpower.ca

Pre-Arrival Review System/Release Notification System


ACI Highway e-manifest

We offer consulting services for the transportation industry focusing on e-solutions for:

Advance Commercial Information

Container Tracking

Fleet and Asset/Trailer Tracking

E-Seal (SmartSeal) and GPS technology

Wireless Fax and Scanning

In-Cab Fax Services

ACE e-manifest

Advance Commercial Information